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I have over 15 years of street cred.

Hallmark to my style is to laugh, cheer clients on, let ‘em make mistakes, and help ‘em find their way out. I might sometimes say bad words (by my mother’s standards) especially when it comes to current political times.

I love money and the changes it can facilitate personally, professionally, and globally.

My background is that of a business generalist for small businesses (Annual Revenue:  $0k to $50M). I have directed every aspect of a small business operation including finance, technology, information management, HR, facilities, general administration, and everything that falls through the cracks. My titles have varied from receptionist to chief.

I have worked with domestic and international start-ups, consulted for the social sector, built back offices from scratch, reverse engineered many processes, and facilitated the private sale of a company so it could become employee-owned. I have managed multi-million dollar budgets, multiple facilities, and staff sizes of 60+.

All those years taught me that bigger is not necessarily better, in dollar amounts nor overall satisfaction.

In 2014, I moved into a 25' trailer and now live and work year-round from the road.

I do not have an MBA, and I received my bachelor’s degree from a small liberal arts college where I majored in nothing tangentially-related to business or finance. I think outside the box while still playing by all the rules.