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sheconomista report

The Sheconomista Report empowers lady entrepreneurs and adventurers to define their money story. The backdrop is my everyday lady money journey from sticks and bricks to road-living.

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Damn the Sheconomista Report is amazing. It's incredibly useful, and I am hitting forward to several people in my life right now.  - Jennie Armstrong, business owner and air miles collector

What a fu&*ing great newsletter. So SOLID!! - Patrick Burns, writer and master of kale salad

Your words...all kinda brilliance and heart. Thank you for sharing. Lots to think about, and use too. - Heidi Knippa, communications guru, sailor, and trailer lady extraordinaire

shemoney management

I help badass entrepreneurs make smart business and financial decisions grounded in their values and data.

Since 2012, I have served 25 clients of whom the majority are women- or minority-owned, completed 34 projects, managed over $40M in revenue, and have facilitated a company sale to an ESOP.

Starting and growing a business takes oomph and guts. It is a lesson in humility every single day. I've got your back.

What I do

Start-up business advising and coaching; interim financial leadership and support; full-service money-management; financial infrastructure setup; bookkeeping; personal business advising for individuals; cheerleading; business therapy (joking, not joking).

Clients aren't looking to do an IPO per se and range in revenue size of $50K - $35M. 


I am Lauren Lizardo. I am a storyteller, data-lover, and money boss. In 2014, I moved into a nameless 25' travel trailer. I have lived and worked from the road since. I travel slow, on alert for an adventure and running into people I love. Want to learn more? See my expanded bio or contact me and let's talk.

Current Location: Gleed, WA. Population: 3,304. Size: 5.4 sq miles. Watering hole & fried food source: Curly's Bar & Grill.


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