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Your money stories and questions are everyone's stories and questions.  I hope you'll consider share something, anything with me. Your truth will change someone's life. It costs no money, maybe a little ego depending on the details, but you can be anonymous if ya like. If you're sold, scroll down to the form and start 'er up. If you'd like more details, keep reading.


I have been working with money for 15+ years, and I've heard it all -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am out to normalize money fails, celebrate the questions we hold in our hearts and don't ask, and give high fives to the successes. If there is anything I have learned, it's that many have had money victories, but don't celebrate them and we have made our fair share of *cray cray* decisions about money. We all have these funny money stories we tell ourselves. These stories are normal. We are, after all, human. 

I started collecting money stories, questions, and advice many years ago. I've shared a couple of them in my weekly newsletter, the Sheconomista Report (subscribe via my home page), and I have been surprised and humbled to receive stories in return from subscribers all over the world. It's such a risk and an intimate thing to share with a stranger. They have been powerful for me - professionally and personally. They have changed me. They have encouraged others to share. It's made me want more. It's made me wonder what our money world would look like if we elevated these stories a bit more. 

If you wonder too, share something below, follow the stories, give kudos to your friends and families who are getting their money lives together. Wrapping our arms around money is a brave, courageous act. Git after it if you haven't already. 

Be in touch with questions or additional thoughts. I'd love to hear from you. 

With big monay love, LL

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