Issue 17, June 21, 2017
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Step one of investing | Clear the debt qi | Your child's identity | Geeky money news | Color guidance for your wardrobe and in life

hello, world.

The days are long, and the sun is out. Summer is in full bloom. I've slowed down my trailer travels this year to catch up on life things and put plans into place that I have long pondered, like writing more, cleaning up my health, rebalancing and transferring my investment portfolio, and most of all, hanging with my people for more than a couple hours in passing. As you've heard me say before, investments aren't just about money.

Adventure is still big in my heart, don't fret. I am currently sketching and daydreaming of how best to build out the back of my truck for some more nimble exploring. I haven't gotten to the budgeting part of this project. Something tells me I'll blow it on my kitchen chuck box alone. I don't like to put containers on things and squash myself before I get started. So, I think big and then get my spending plan on.

I recall when I first started thinking about going tiny and mobile. It started as window shopping one day in April 2014, after my dear sister and amazing sheconomista, Heidi, planted a seed in my brain. I didn't think I would do it but then I did, and I haven't looked back. Now, when I'm feeling fearful, I channel that time in my life and remember how scared I was and how I did it anyway. Go me. Go YOU. Life is a funny thing. I hope you are grabbing it around the waist and marching forward.

Onward. This week, I'm all about some short tips and money news. I think there's something for everyone here.

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You have a good money foundation and you want to jump in?

Step One.

--- > Figure out your investing personality. Are you all about growth? Value? Some kind of mix?

Learn about growth and value investing. I subscribe to Nancy Tengler’s descriptions which can’t be found on the interweb. You can learn more about her and get her book here.

She says,

Are you an early adapter? Did you own the first release of the iPhone or iPad or are you sure to be in line for the newest blockbuster movie? If so, you are likely to be comfortable buying growth stocks. Growth stocks investors are trendsetters. They are risk takers.

Value investors [are] somewhat reticent and conservative by nature. Though not necessarily risk averse, value investors wait for products to develop into premier brands or companies to become established, stable growers before they jump in.

Sheconomista bottom line: growth stock investors bought the iPhone right when it came out and value investors went ahead and stayed with their Motorola Razr until the coast was clear.

While I don’t believe you have to be one or the other, it's a good foundation to learn both types and go from there.

sheconomista manifesto

Wave good-bye to consumer debt before you invest.

Get inspired.

How the Scary-Sounding “Debt Avalanche” Could Lift You Out of Debt +
I Paid Off $30K in Less Than a Year—on a $75K Salary


Check your kid’s credit report. Identity thieving is real.



It looks like cryptocurrency is here to stay. Cryptocurrency? Wha? Yup, no physical evidence of said currency such as a dollar bill or a coveted silver dollar coin. It’s also not issued by the government. I don’t know how to explain cloud computing to my mom; I’m not sure what I’m going to say about this. Japan just recognized bitcoin (one type of cryptocurrency) as legitimate currency and $100 of bitcoin in 2010 is worth $75 million today. Other Asian countries such as Malaysia and South Korea are expected to follow suit. This is a big deal. Still, need to proceed with caution if you’re playing. There's always technical glitches.

More, please.

Why people are going crazy over bitcoin and other digital currencies +
Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money +
Why banks need to start offering cryptocurrency wallets

{financial advisers and regulations}

As you may already know from my small print disclaimer, I do not use a financial adviser and is the reason behind why I started writing about money. I go at it alone for lots of reasons. Going rogue is not for everyone. I get it. I have referred folks to financial advisers and robo-advisers alike. Only you know best. However, the one recommendation I have if you do use a financial adviser is, please learn a bit, so you go in eyes wide open, especially in light of changing regulations.

Tell me more.

Now, Your Financial Advisers Will Have to Put You First (Sometimes) +
The 21 Questions You’re Going to Need to Ask About Investment Fees

{uber this}

Those Uber dudes have uber problems. Later David Bonderman. >> An Uber board member made a sexist joke in the middle of the presentation on how to fix Uber's sexist culture

{fossil fuels}

There’s a surplus of oil which is driving the price down. On the surface, I know, the crude oil market could be pretty dry. But for the budding investors who are looking to make connections with the news and their portfolios, this is a good one to dive into. How does surplus impact the US economy versus the global economy (particularly those whose economies rely so greatly on oil)?

Get your geek on.

Oil sinks to November lows on shock U.S. gasoline build +
Shale Drillers Digging Themselves a Hole as Oil Breaches $45 +
The real risks of the falling oil price +
Falling oil prices: Who are the winners and losers?


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People, I am an everyday lady who, by learning a bit about money so I could have a semi-intelligent conversation with my financial advisor, figured out I didn't need an advisor at this point in my life. Killed that mystery. I did not go to a fancy school. I did graduate something cum laude and not in anything remotely related to money, so there's that as well.