In the Shelter podcast, I talk about some of the first things I did to prepare for my unknown adventure. I digitized everything in my life.

If you are prepping for a change in your life, have a think about taking this step, even if you don't know what the step is going to be. I'm a true believe in traveling light, no matter the size nor distance nor shape of the journey. Lightening up your load has a way of opening up space in your life.

Sheconopreneurs ------> As a business owner and wanderer, being digital has saved my life and taxes on more than one occasion.

If this is speaking to you, the best way to digitize is to start with outsourcing the initial round and then integrating it into your life. It's worth the investment to jump-start the practice.

  • Doxie Scanner and the CamScanner >> I dropped off important paperwork to get scanned by a local service, then I had it all shredded by a secure, environmentally-friendly company. I now use a combination of the Doxie Scanner and Cam Scanner to scan my paper stuff on-the-go.
  • ScanCafe >> I sent all my paper photos to Scan Cafe and bam. I got all my pictures back on a CD. I saved a few hard copies that I will frame for when and if I ever go back to living in sticks and bricks. I like the smell and feel of the photos. I won't lie.
  • DMP3 >> This service converted all my CD's. I realize for some of the readers, you may not know what those are, but they were once a real thing that you purchased in the store. I didn't want to repurchase En Vogue and the Blues Travelers and the likes, so I sent them in. I'm glad I did. I busted out India Arie at a trailer of truth dinner party recently and received an approving head nod. I should also say, I used this opportunity to get out of the iTunes prison and converted all my Apple music to mp3.