Issue 26, December 27, 2017
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acorns updates.

One month ago, I wrote about Sheconomista New Homeowner who said she started her Acorns account in March. She forgot about it, and when she took a look last month, she had $400. I just asked here where she is at today. She has $450 in there all from spare change! So fun!

I looked at my account. I started in January 2016. To-date, I have had 2038 round-ups, totaling $957.89 in spare change that has been invested. Sometime in 2017, I started investing my weekly coffee money. As of today, my account total is $2,324.49 with a market gain of 14.80%. I haven't even noticed the money leaving my account. Talk about set it and forget it. I don't promote this for primary investing; I promote this as a just-get-started thing. I really like this for younger folks who are a bit intimidated by the process.

Do you have an Acorns account?! Write me and tell me about your stats and your name will be put in the basket for a $10 Acorns investment from me! CHEERS to spare change investing!


Don't forget the disclaimer at the bottom of this message. If you click on the image above, it'll take ya to my link to sign up, and we'll both earn $5 if you take the plunge. It's anonymous. I won't know it's you so don't worry. It's free money. I don't do this for the five bones. I do it for fun and because I think it's a non-intimidating investing platform.


It's that awkward week before New Years. At least for me. I want it to end and don't all at the same time. I hope you're staying warm if you're in cold parts. I'm salty over snow on the ground. It's messing with my running game which has been getting strong. I guess it's time to bust out the skis and embrace the next adventure. Sigh. #firstworldproblems

Happy all-the-holidays, friends. I am Lauren Lizardo, head of this money show. I heart dollars and coins and what it can do for your life. I especially adore makers and their contributions to this world-be it as a main gig or side gig or secret gig. Keep creating your digital things, your make-believe things, your real things. Then send them to me and tell me about them. We will celebrate.

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the bullets.

she calculates. that is all she does this week.

  • Tax Bill Calculator: Will Your Taxes Go Up or Down? via the NY Times >> Super interesting and frustrating. Keep in mind if you are a business owner (C- corp or pass-through business), this does not account for your cuts, but you can see what the hypothetical impact would be based on your AGI if you weren't a business which is something. My bottom line: my hypothetical $201 savings is totally not worth it considering the long-term impact on our economy. So.Shortsighted.
  • How Much Retirement Savings Should You Have Right Now? via the Balance >> I hear this question a lot. And I say what the article says, "It Depends." I know it is easy to bury your head and not look (if you haven't already), but I encourage you to take a peek. The make-believe Sheconomista Manifesta says we function from a place of knowledge and knowledge this is. For a lot of sheconopreneurs, this number can be daunting because we're defying conventional personal finance rules. Don't get too caught up in this formula and remember as an entrepreneur, you get to dictate how much money you bring in and don't bring in therefore how much money you invest and don't invest. So.Awesome.
  • Roth IRA Conversion via JV Accounting >> For those of you who wonder if you should convert your IRA to a Roth IRA. Learn about more and the process here if this is a question that lingers in your mind.



This week is Free Tile Week! Are you the Tile winner?! Check your emaillll. Happy new year to you and yours. CHEERS.

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