I just read your Sheconomista email...loved it! It reminded me of my Acorns account that I forgot about. I have a little over $400 in there already. I started in March. I don’t contribute a lot, but it still adds up!
— Sheconomista New Homeowner


I lovvvveee these messages. This sheconomista also had a goal of owning a home by 30 and she done did it. There aren't enough emojis to celebrate these things we set our minds too. Congrats sister. Keep investing in you and things that are of value to YOU.

Breaking the seal and jumping into the investment game is hard and can be a real mind bender if you weren't raised with this mindset and education nor formally trained. In my experience, it's a bit harder for women because they are more likely to want to know all before they leap. We like to prepare. We are more risk averse than our male counterparts. We are also more methodical and patient. There's a ton of research on this topic. I'm not speaking anecdotally. Our characteristics work to our advantage, women consistently are proven to be better investors. We hold for longer and don't get caught up in timing the market and buying and selling. The only thing holding many women back, from my perspective, is taking the leap and being okay without knowing. 

This is my recommendation if you identify with that statement: just get started and learn as you go. Every day that you wait to learn it all, you are losing out on compound interest. Time + Compound Interest = Love. We love compound interest. (I'm on repeat). This is why I love gateway investment platforms like Acorns, Stas, Betterment, Wealthfront, etc. They get us started in a nontraditional, non-intimidating way. Policy Genius wrote a thorough comparative and broke down the platforms and fees there. Acorns, for me, isn't for the long-term but it's SUPER easy and is a good gateway just to start to engage and get excited about investing which is why I keep evangelizing. It gets many over the hump of over-analyzing, and that is worth it.

Remember, my small print. I'm no CPA, Certified Financial Planner/Adviser, lawyer, etc. I'm an everyday lady who learned by doing and learned how fun it is along the way. 

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