G-conomista's response to me when I text-confessed that I was alone in the car, raising my hands to Naughty by Nature and Arrested Development, both of which were playing on my favorite satellite radio station, Backspin.

Well, sister-friend, you tell your friend that I'm no high roller spending $240/year, but my mom and her car are (which I was driving at the time). I do have Amazon Music ($79/year), but I got a free subscription. When that runs out, the free version of Pandora will do me just fine as will FM radio, my CD's from the 90s, and my Stitcher app. I heart music, but it's not high on the heart list for me.

When I use my handy compound interest calculator and enter $240 @ 7% interest over ten years, the total is $3,548.06. I'll take that over old skool hip hop any day.

Also, in this day and age of subscription-living, they can get away from us. Good investment for some, not-so-good for others. On my business front, I am subscription crazy, spending about $2500/year. They are write-offs, and they make me more efficient and marketable. They aren't costs. They are investments.

It all goes back to our values. I value any tool that makes me more efficient and focused and increases my capacity to be present.

So, adore you, music and the Backspin station did pump me up before my morning run, but I'd rather invest in business stuff or contribute the difference in my portfolio. I love me some compound interest.