I've had this task on my to-do list since last year (maybe even the year before) and another year is coming to an end, and I have yet to check it off. I'm disclosing this because, people, I'm just like you. Sometimes I'm super motivated and other times, not so much. Also, I'm hoping the public disclosure will light a fire under me to just get it done.

In this case, I have a 401k account with a previous employer that has been sitting in their fund, unmanaged, untouched, and doing who knows what? It's not the bulk of my retirement fund. In fact, it's probably a relatively small amount since I was there for such a short amount of time, but it's my money none the less, and it should be tended to and cared for in the same way I do all my dollars. Also, who says no to compound interest?!

What stands between me and rolling this money over? Pure procrastination.

It will probably take me 30 minutes in total to complete. All I need to do is write X at old company, confirming I do in fact have money sitting with them and if so, request a rollover.  Then I fill out a form with my current IRA account information and voila.

And then I'll get all giddy to add it to my current investments and watch it grow.

I don't throw money away ever, but I do every day that I leave the money just sitting uncared and unloved in a rando account to which I don't have access and haven't looked at in gazillion years.

If this is you too, let's get it done by the end of the year. It's a total feel-good grown-up task.


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