I've been thinking a lot about how we learn about money and its many personalities. There is no master class. It is barely integrated into our educational system. We are lone wolves running amok, learning as we go, the good and the bad all together. We each have a framework that is made of what we have learned on our own, inherited from our families and communities, the news, and trial and error. The topic of money has been treated like religion -- to each his own, it’s a private matter, we don't talk about that in public.

But, should we be treating it as a private matter?

Currency is fundamental to survival in this world, like water and food. It would behoove us not to have money be so private, to let it breathe a little and let our successes and sloppiness and missteps hang out in the open so we can all learn from them and you know, not be so alone with it. If there is anything my 15+ years of working with money has taught me, it's that treating it like such a precious topic doesn't work.