Issue 18, November 1, 2017
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Inappropriate crushes | An uninspired message | Buckle up self-insured, it’s open enrollment | Admit it, you ignored the Equifax breach | News to follow, but not follow

money + emotions = 9M Kronor

I don't often out my crushes, especially for men of a certain age, to the world wide web, let alone to my cherished newsletter list (that I've neglected), but here I am.

I am swooning for Richard Thaler (University of Chicago) who won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his amay work in behavioral economics. He is all about how and why we make decisions around money, especially how cray cray we can be. And cray cray we are. Money has a way of bringing it all to the surface which is why I love it so. How can I not crush on such insight?!

Take some time to read about him and his work. He got the memo that to get the powers that be to listen and to change policy; ya need to show them the data. Good on you Dick! Have fun irrationally spending that 9M Kronor prize money. You are a model sheconomisto!


Old-skool sheconomistas: I've been off-the-grid.

If you are a new subscriber in the last few months: Hello! Aloha! If you forgot that you signed-up for the Sheconomista Report, you did, and this is why you are getting this message. I'm no spammer. The format and content are ever-changing, buckle in for the ride.

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I've been spending a lot of time thinking outside of the box.

I, like so many others, am worried about the state of the world and the impact it has on my health and well-being as a bald, woman of color walking the streets in a small, agricultural community to the future of all the littles I see running about with bright eyes and hearts.

I am worried about the core of my faith which is based in knowing that we are all equal, love-seeking souls wrapped in cells that happen to dictate physical traits. I am worried about the planet, a living, breathing, powerful being that can only take so much abuse.

I am worried about my country where I was born and raised; the country my elders so loved, they sacrificed their native citizenship and their roots in search of something better for future generations.

I have been lost and paralyzed, feeling stifled by the dismal news and worn out from looking up and beyond. The last couple years have knocked me off my game.

I have fantasized about cashing it all in, buying digital currency and erasing my identity and citizenship. Borders, nationality, the idea that we own things, etc., are, after all, made up constructs and just shards of fragmented ego, I have waxed philosophical with my inner circle.

One of my dearests replied with, "Dude, you're talking like a total prepper, but elitist-style." Pretty much, I say from the safety of my silver capsule.

In recent months, I have reconciled with my inconsistency and wide-swinging emotions and have embraced living my truth to the best of my ability, to showing up somehow that feels safe and right, maybe a little (or a lot) untethered but always willing.

For too long, I wanted to show up in the perfect, right way for myself, my community, for the world. But while I was waiting for perfect, life has been passing me by. I had chosen an impossible path, maybe because it gave me an excuse to not do anything at all. Or, I was just taking a much-needed rest after getting the wind knocked out of me.

I am not writing with a wicked, inspirational message to balance all my gloom, but I am writing with an offer and a request.

If you feel the same, like you've been riding a yo-yo of emotions in this crazy world, you are in good company. If you've been retreating and ducking for cover, I'm with you. I also need you in my life. Let's lean on each other in these uncertain times. Let's not try and figure it out on our own, in a vacuum of divisive Twitter chatter and obsessive refreshing of our browsers to see the latest news. Let's celebrate stale news, let’s rejoice in little and small victories, let's root for reasonable compromise and bipartisanship.

Let's find our truth and practice living it every single day, sloppiness and all. Maybe in that endeavor, we will discover our way through this mess and accidentally come across answers to hard questions. This is the best self-care we can practice in these strange times.

My truth hangs out at the intersection of heart, money, entrepreneurship, and adventure. So that is what I write about, that is what I live, that is what this space is about, that is what cultivates peace for me. It is the best service I can provide. Imagine a world where everyone is practicing their true love. What privilege. What greatness that would be. I know it is so much easier said than done, but I think we can take tiny steps. I imagine many of you are way ahead of me and already are and that is the bomb dot comb.

Write me and tell all about it. What are you doing today that you love? What are you doing to take care of you? I have missed having you in my inbox.

With big monay love,



inside my brain

It’s a big week for healthcare, and I have things to say. Open enrollment starts TODAY, November 1st and ends on December 15th. Put this on your calendar! I just tried to logon and I got a bunch of error messages. It's gonna be a rough one.

stale news is the best news

For real, it’s time to handle your bizness, post-Equifax breach >>

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Confession: I've had a moka pot for dayzzzz, and I've been doing it all wrong. And every friend that has coffee in the trailer and witnesses the beauty says the same, exact thing. Are you in the same boat? If so, I've got YOU.

How to Brew in a Moka Pot

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