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Sheconomista Report Archive

Below are not all, but some past reports. If you've been with me for awhile and are looking for a past report not listed on this page, contact me.

March 2018

3.7.2018 - My first investment failure + the nicest beef jerky ever + non-shaming cleaning tips

February 2018

2.28.2018 - Organic cotton comfies for the win + Do you cut a steak to see if it's done?! 
2.21.2018 - Onions in the fridge + my thoughts on FreshBooks
2.14.2018 - Dip a toe into money + relationships with me
2.7.2018 - The first step to turning your side-gig into your full-time gig + Get yourself some plastic leggings already

January 2018

1.31.2018 - Acorns winner! + The upside of Comcast + Stop with the IOUs + The truth about business expenses + MORE
1.24.2018 - Meet the Death and Money Calculator
1.17.2018 - Bring Joy and Order to Your Money with me. We'll have fun.
1.10.2018 - Sometimes, you say "no" to personal finance rules
1.3.2018 - Find 20+ days in 2018 to do whatever you want.

December 2017

12.27.2017 - Free things this last week of 2017 because I am grateful for you
12.22.2017 - Why you should break up with your debit card + for real, who gets a 1099 and who doesn't?!
12.13.2017 - How to make your wallet greener in all the right ways.
12.6.2017 - That one time I tell all during a podcast. It's here.

November 2017

11.29.2017 - When We Spend More Than We Give
11.22.2017 - I am grateful for you said an Acorns gift card
11.15.2017 - Sharpen your money news game | Make sure ex-assistants can't change your profile | I say no to investments based on brain addiction | Forget about the growler, its all about the CROWLER
11.8.2017 - 120 gallons of propane | Profit-sharing confession. I'm just like you. | Business owners, year-end prep is here | Get inspired | ...and these are the tax reform days of our lives
11.1.2017 - Inappropriate crushes | An uninspired message | Buckle up self-insured, it’s open enrollment | Admit it, you ignored the Equifax breach | News to follow, but not follow


4.26.2017 - Short like me | Women are more honest about what? | Up-front investment v. annual investment 
3.29.2017 - Tween money wisdom | Financial sense and the boy-girl divide | Toilet seat covers + Tattoos | This is about you, not me
3.22.2017 - Buh-bye Budgets | The best gift my parents gave us kids | To be considered before you scoff at the rise in interest rates | Interviewing financial advisors in Cheeto-flavored times | The truth about pillows


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People, I am an everyday lady entrepreneur who, by learning a bit about money so I could have a semi-intelligent conversation with my financial advisor, figured out I didn't need an advisor at this point in my life. Killed that mystery and now I write about it.