Soooo, um, I've been on the internet hunt for the following: women of color who are bloggers/social media mavens, business-savvy, a bit on the gritty side, lovers of shoes and gadgetry, maker-uppers of words with the ability to eat fried things and know how to make a killer vegan meal. My searches have yielded little for obvious reasons.

I have found a decent number of amaze POC ladies as a result of my sleuthing. I am currently gulping down content of a couple. If you are looking for up-and-coming check these ladies out.

My top two right now are

Aminatou Sow. What a superstar. My last post was all about podcasts. Aminatou co-hosts a show with her "boo," (she says, not me) Ann Friedman. It is titled Call Your Girlfriend. Smart, young, savvy women talking about everything from Kanye to Woody Allen to tragic current events to retirement. They are going after their passion. Lots to admire about both of them and can't wait to see where they go.

Winnie Kao. She's just getting cookin'. Winnie launched the Your Turn Challenge where she created a tribe in 7 days. Basically, she challenged people to write one blog post a day for 7 days. She is all about shipping. She also works as the Special Projects Lead for Seth Godin. I am shipping because of her. Her posts are getting richer and richer. I suspect we're going to be seeing more and more of her -- especially since she is shipping every day.

So fun. If you have ladies who you follow meeting any of my criteria above, be in touch. I'm always on the lookout - seasoned and not. 

Happy interneting!