People, I think I've broken up with TV to date podcasts full-time. Maybe I'm just infatuated but I show no signs of stopping. I have stalked the interwebs, I have a support group of girlfriends in the same boat (okay, maybe only one right now) and all I can think is what took me so long?! Am I the last?!

Did the Facebook talk to you like it did to me about Serial (the crazy, famous podcast that follows one true story over multiple episodes)? Because it was all over my feed, even days after it wrapped up. I gave in. I listened. I fell in love. I have opinions about Serial, of course, but forget about those, it was a total gateway drug into other podcasts. I'd dabbled but never like this.

Podcasts, the geeky cousins to  TV, movies, and books, always tinkering in the background. Seems like they are going to do big things, but it's never quite clear. Yes, those.  

If you don't you really ought to.

It's radio on steroids people. There are stories - fiction and nonfiction alike. There is news. There is music. There is just you and sound. It's so "simple" and totally engages you in a way that TV just cannot. 

And if you are the closet person who binges on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, then, well podcasts were made for YOU. Totally untapped place of entertainment and learning opportunities.

Also, I do have to say I feel a lot less dumb and less filthy after listening to podcasts than sitting in front of screen. But that's just me and is a direct result of my poor entertainment choices. 

Suggested tools for listening and searching:

You can start with Serial. You can also Google "Best Podcasts" like I did and start with a few of those.

Don't you worry. I'm sure I'll blog about my faves soon enough. This isn't the last time I'm going to write about podcasts.

I mean, I'm on the road full time, cruising around town with earbuds on. Normally, there is nothing coming through the earbuds, I'm simply wearing them to deter people from talking to me. But now, I have rich stories come through and I am stoked. I'm not distracted by the visuals, I don't have to stare at a box. I can clean out my sock drawer while I listen. And I can drive for hours and be thoroughly entertained. 

Clearly, I'm winning. And if you are already a podcast addict, tell me your faves so I can add 'em!