Hey you. Stop planning so much. Stop researching. Stop with the analysis paralysis. Just make a move already. 

Inspired by you and the Karate Kid, I'm starting Tiny Tip Monday. Yup.

Things have gotten out-of-hand with all these grandiose things on our task lists. And I am here to bring all of you back to reality. And it starts with tiny tasks. Get on this if you are feeling a little stagnant in life or if you are stuck in over-planning + over-researching mode.  (Channeling Mr. Miyagi.) 

I have an oldie but goodie. It is helpful for perspective, slowing down, and remembering ya don't need much in life.

Write down one thing you are stoked about today. You can replace "stoked," with grateful, celebrating, rocking. Whatever your sauce is, just write something down that is making you happy.

Don't overthink it. No need to instagram or tweet it out. Just do it for yourself. 

I'll help you. I'm on day 145 and it is about 45 seconds of my day. I write them in Evernote, tagged as Grateful. I do this once a day, usually when I'm looking for an easy win. I peruse them when I'm feeling bratty, overwhelmed.

Here are a some of my gems.

Korean food
Tasty vegetarian meals
My dog going potty fast
Balancing my checkbook and seeing I still have money after my shopping spree
My mouthguard
GADGETS. I love gadgets.
My mom.
All the sisters I have despite growing up with boys.

Make this a recurring daily task on your task list. Enjoy the perspective.

Exploring personal/business task management? Check out Asana and Evernote Reminders