I've received a lot of sweet notes about how much I've been posting on this blog and on my new project, What's Your Bald Spot? They've been wondering what my secret is.

It is not a secret. Here is my process. I'm learning a lot about getting unstuck as a result.

I wake up at 5am.
I drink a glass of lemon water. Sometimes.
I set my timer for 45 minutes. 
What I write I post. 
I put perfection in a locked-up box.
I let go of typos and grammatical errors.
If I'm embarrassed to write it, I write it anyway. 
I do not pay attention to metrics.
I trust the next steps to where I should go will show up.

The truth is, I'd been hanging out in the future for too long.  I spent entirely too much time trying to develop my writing skills and crafting messages and projects. 

So I woke up and decided, if I want to be a writer - a for real, real-talker - I suppose I should just write and make it so. Who cares what that container is?

The distance wasn't as far as I made it out to be. 

If you haven't already, I hope you find your golden hour to to be what you've been longing to do. The world is waiting.

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