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for your consideration

If you are not married but intend to, might I suggest a flash wedding?! Most festive wedding I've attended to-date and I was fortunate enough to officiate. The crowd was the wedding procession and they arrived in the best and highest of spirits. This couple got an A+ from guests for hosting such a guest-centered wedding. I snapped a photo of them to start off the ceremony. As you can tell, they were struggling to find the fun in the process.

Technology played a huge role in the success of navigating 100+ people through the streets of San Diego. Texts were delivered throughout the day via a broadcast system and there were some helpers along the way to pass out boas and hats and make sure they got to the right place. They also chose a fun hashtag for the day (delivered via text) so we could follow guests throughout the day and see what they were doing. All around win for the love and technology.

money and tech loves

  • Girls Who Code is based out of New York. Their mission is to to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities. They are doing good stuff. They have a summer immersion program and have clubs popping up all over the U.S. If you have young women in your life, I implore you to take a look or check out what programs are available in your area that focus on science and technology. 
  • Vegetable Spiralizer doesn't need power to be good technology. I do not discriminate! This is my favorite low-tech gadget. It only requires human power and I am eating A LOT of vegetables as a result. What is not to love?!
  • Jing is a great, free app that allows you to take quick screengrabs and videos of your computer screen for when sometimes writing out directions is too laborious. I used it for clients all the time when I can't jump on a call but need to show them how to do something on their computer.
  • Amazon Prime Video App is now available for Androids and Apple iOS?! Did you know that? 'Cause I just learned this and it brought great joy to my life. If you have an Amazon Prime account and watch vids on the regular this will make your life so much better on the go.
  • The selfie stick don't knock it until you try it. It was a HIT at the wedding. 

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