Good morning YOU

Below is something I've been thinking a lot about, my fave money and tech tools, and some random blog posts from yours truly to peruse. 

LL Tech Reflection

There was a time when there were no phones at the meal table. I remember staying seated as a kid, as the phone would ring and ring because we didn't have an answering machine to pick up and we weren't allowed to answer the phone during meal times. It was standard then to wait ten rings before trying again later. Life would stop during those ten rings, wondering who it could be that was calling you.

I know times have changed. There is voicemail, text, email, instant messaging, etc. But maybe we could hang on to some of the old skool ways, like no phones at the meal table. 

LL's current money + tech loves

Google Inbox a different way to review your Gmail. Inbox bundles emails for you, allows you to snooze messages, and add to-dos at the top of you box. I LOVE the snooze feature. It is currently invite only. I have invitations available if you are interested. Just drop me a note. is a fantastic scheduling tool. It basically searches your calendar for you and inserts suggested times and dates. Available for Gmail now and testing for an MS Outlook plug-in is happening. This is the direction of scheduling and I like it.  

Motley Fool, especially the Stock Advisor Newsletter + How to Invest section. I've been hearing a lot of friends chat lately about how they don't know much about money or investing and they want to learn. This is a great place to start. If you are a woman and are looking for something slightly less dudeish, I also suggest LearnVest

LL's Blog Posts for the Week

I participated in a 7 day blog challenge. This is what happens. 

Hi, my name is Lauren Lizardo and I am an inspiration junkie
Choose love
The lady who unboxes Disney toys on YouTube earns a cool $5M
Get unstuck and join a revolution in 5 minutes
Remove the first obstacle to getting something done
Save $500 in parts and labor

Happy weekending my dear hearts.