The headline that should have caught your eye this week if it didn't, "YouTube's highest paid star is a mysterious woman who unwraps Disney toys." And she earns roughly $4.9 Million doing so. Excuse me? Check it here. No joke. Apparently unboxing vids on YouTube is a crazy money-maker. Who knew?

People are making a living all sorts of ways nowadays that don't fit in the traditional 9-5er box. I'm sure you've heard a bunch of bloggers or have seen cheesy ads extolling the amazingness of nontraditional ways of "working" - online businesses, the sharing economy (AirBnB, Lyft, Uber, etc.), mommy bloggers (I have a lot of love for you). Lots of people talk about being location-independent. Heck, I am location-independent. It can feel a bit "too-good-to-be-true." Especially for Baby Boomers + Gen X'ers who grew up where you go to school, you graduate, you clock-in, you go out and get the 401k.

While that could be true, I also think you're missing out on something if you aren't considering the different ways technology has changed entrepreneurship. It's not just going to Silicon Valley to slum it with venture capitalists to start a tech company or buying a franchise, taking a big loan out from your in-laws. 

I know I keep talking about tiny but tiny is mighty in this modern world. It has never been easier to build infrastructure for a micro-business that brings in a good amount of money and doesn't involve a pyramid scheme. Technology has its downfalls but it really has made building a mini empire quite easy. 

You can consult. You can write. You can build communities. You can teach people skills using your video camera. (Talking to you Skillshare!) You can rent out your house. You can take pictures. You can craft. (Looking at you Etsy.) You can UNBOX TOYS on YouTube. Get thinking. Get reading.

Need some creativity lubrication, read anything by Seth Godin

Interweb friends, I didn't set out to live the life I have today. And I have a nice life. I have a nice life not because of the bits I own or the adventures I get to go on, I have a nice life because I'm living inline with my beliefs, with my values and that is of utmost importance to me. I wake up excited to start my day, for the road ahead. 

Traditional work and life may bring that to you and if so, that is awesome. But if it's not and you're itchy to try something to different, to live a different kind of life, I implore you to take a tiny step and explore the ideas you have in your head. We all have the capacity, if we want to tap that.

Happy Friday.