If you are feeling stuck in life, I'd like to introduce you to the fictitious and effective LL Tiny Revolution, the revolution that will make you an overachiever in just a few minutes. 

There is only one rule: take one, tiny, baby bite of a project instead of inhaling the big picture all at once. 

Like, say,

  • Instead of planning the whole year ahead, plan the next hour.
  • Instead of cleaning out your whole house, just clean off your desktop.
  • Instead of running a marathon, get up right now and stretch.
  • Instead of "decluttering" your whole house over a weekend, choose one item - today - to give away. 
  • Instead of starting a business, buy your domain name. 

So sally forth. Find a big project on your ever-growing list of bits. Make it tiny with one step that can be achieved in under 5 minutes. Then repeat. Did you repeat?! You are officially an overachiever. Welcome.

Kick off your revolution and do something now. Right now.

Write me and tell me about your tiny step. I will celebrate you.

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