Help. I am an inspiration junkie.

Especially as a woman entrepreneur. We have a tendency to want to change the world AND revamp our personal lives all at the same time. (Because why not multitask?) So naturally, we drink inspirational quotes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We write out aspirations. We institute mantras. I have an Evernote file of inspirational quotes. In fact, the tag is "inspirational quotes." Seriously. My Facebook feed is filled with inspiration. 

I regularly check out what Danielle LaPorte, Tara Gentile, and Marie Forleo are doing. Because those ladies, churn out the inspiration. I treat them like my daily scripture. They are amazing. They are wise. They've done it. I hope to be them when I grow up.

I mean who doesn't love inspiration? Hell, I LOVE writing an inspirational quote. (Well, really, I love writing anything that is compact and tweetable.) I launched a site to inspire others to be authentic. 

But people, it's too much. These inspirational things. When did I become such a junkie?!

So I'm fasting from hearing and reading about love and desire and courage I need to change the world. I'm going to write Facebook and tell them to not populate my feed with inspirational quotes. I'm breaking up with Danielle, Tara, and Marie.  All good things must come to an end anyway.

Or, I'm just going to recognize that I have all I need already to do whatever I want to do it. That those quotes are simply fuel and now it's just time to do less reading and more doing. Less searching for the silver bullet quote and more living the silver bullet quote.

I hope you join me.