You daydream about throwing a big bonfire for your technology. You want to throw in the computers, the tablets, the phones. They overwhelm you. You long for the return of paper calendars and file cabinets. Maybe you even still cling to those items. Good for you. And then there is all the jargon. What is this cloud you speak of? It's a clear blue sky. I see no cloud and I really don't understand why I have to pay for it when I don't see it. What the hell is an Operating System and why do I have to upgrade mine? And what, pray tell, is RAM and why do I need so much of it? This is a conspiracy. I know it is.

Technology is not going anywhere and it is developing faster than we can refresh our web browsers. It can make us feel like we are perpetually the new kid on the block, in a different country, in a different universe, in our adolescent years. 

The good word my dear accidental, everyday technologists is that 1) you are not alone and 2) you are in complete and total control. Also, you don't have to know everything. The challenge then is to not reject nor "hate" technology, it is to become friends, to find the good, to nurture a relationship with the digital bits around you, to take it one step at a time. I promise you, it is not a conspiracy. 

Yes, technology is developing rapidly but so is the user-friendliness and access to information.  Recently, I ordered tow mirrors online. I had no idea how to install them so I found a YouTube video and got to work. I saved $500 in parts + labor. That's pretty cool. 

There are people out there who share their knowledge for FREE. There are fellow stranger cyber friends posting answers on forums to questions you may have. Many companies have whole support platforms designed to be attentive to YOU.  Can't figure out how to do something on your phone? Don't want to go looking for the manual in your closet? It is likely the manual is available to download online so you can stay seated. 

You can moan or you can love. I say when all else fails in life, choose love. Technology is here to stay.