I've been shouting from the rooftops that I launched a pet project that has been simmering in my heart for quite some time -- What's Your Bald Spot? (WYBS). I've casually been saying that it replaces my longtime goal of writing a book about my bald escapades.

That's kind of a big deal. I've been working on a draft of said book for four years. I thought 2015 would be the year I brought it to the shareable-level. I surprised myself by taking it off my 2015 Celebrations List completely.

I've held those words so close for so long, I think I suffocated them. Now that I've stepped back and am playing with the draft under a completely different context, the words are breathing again. I feel like I am breathing again. I am thrilled. And as a result, I am posting with reckless abandon and delight. It feels naughty and amazing to do something completely different than what I had originally planned.

So maybe the book is still in me or maybe it's a different book all together. All I know to be true is that I was stuck for a long time, like in a room of a thousand mirrors-style. When I let go of my plan, a new one came into action. It's easy to hold onto an expected outcome but maybe if we release that grip and that expectation, the result will surprise with something even better. 

I say less planning, more doing this 2015. Tweet it out