Yes, yes. I bought an Airstream (the poor trailer needs a name that is less, well, flashy) and I’m living in it full-time for the foreseeable future. Many have asked me if I will be blogging about my experience. And the answer is no, not intentionally that is. There are so many others who are doing it way better than I ever could or would. Here is a comprehensive list of great ones, updated just this June 2014.

And don’t even get me started on the amazing instagrammers out there. Just search any hashtag with “airstream” in it and your eyes will pop out with all the amazingness of people's trailer travels, happenings, and wild creativity.

I’m excited for this journey and the storyline will creep into my other writings and postings but in lieu of writing about it, I would much rather chat about it in-person or one-on-one in an email convo. I welcome you out on the road with me, to visit me wherever I am parked, get a Skype call or Google Hangout going if you have questions or thoughts or want to check out the inside of my glamorous trailer (not yet, but it will be!). Or if you just need some love and outside perspective. I love me some of that connection.

This leg is less about telling the story and more about living the story. It's also about nurturing offline friendships and relationships and seeing where it takes my business. I haven't even gotten on the road yet and the live connections have been phenomenal. It’s also a very small story in comparison to the bigger story of my life and decisions thus far. That stuff is the juicy stuff -- all the details leading up to the part where I decided I’m not listening to anyone but myself. It has been at times excruciating and other times downright liberating.

And seriously, I know this is going to sound crazy, but it all started with money and technology and how lining that stuff up in my life, has supported my heart to go big and to really, truly, want that for everyone around me, in whatever shape that takes. I hope you join me. I hope to hear from you. I hope to hear from your friends and family members and their friends and family members. My heart is always open to yours -- as is my facebook page and my mail list!! (Shameless.)

In the meantime, there will be mentions and posts on my FB page as well as Instagram and here on my blog. I love documenting whatever adventure I am on, be it in my flashy tin home or while hanging about town. It’s my little morsel of love I send out to the universe, thanking it for blessing me with a life that begets so much and hoping others will take leaps of faith with me.

Lastly, I think when observing this from the outside it could appear I know what I'm doing and I'm all courageous and bold and well-planned out. While there may be some truth in that, I am also scared shitless and freaked-out by all that is involved with this decision. It is no joke to tow thousands of pounds behind you, let alone the financial responsibility. It has taken a pretty massive community and a lot of incredible karma to get me to this point. My mantra these days:

every epic adventure starts with a good dose of serious, gut-wrenching FEAR #LLRealTalk #heartpracticalities  -- Tweet that out here!!

I'm diving in deep and hope you are too in whatever way that means.

Go get ‘em Big Hearts!

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