This morning a dear friend (and client) called to tell me his car was stolen and his phone was in it. Earlier this year when setting up all his technology, I had set up the “Find My iPhone” feature on all his precious iGadgets. He didn’t know I had set up this feature and as he was telling me the story about waking up and walking out the door to not find his car, I was logging onto his iCloud account to see if the phone was still on and emitting a GPS signal. Score. It was on. I promptly emailed him the location of - at least- his phone. It was emitting a strong signal and it had plenty of battery life. He jumped on a train, hopped in a cab, and located the phone and the car in 20 minutes. No scratch, perfectly fine, no one around. He got in the car and drove away as if he meant to leave it on the west side of Dolores Park in San Francisco.

Watching in real time as he found his car and phone. Weird, but true.

Watching in real time as he found his car and phone. Weird, but true.

Seriously?! People, huge victory. If you have a smartphone - iPhone, Android, or Blackberry - turn this feature on stat. Now. Additionally if someone steals it or you lose it, you can wipe it out remotely or make it ring. Creepy, but cool.

Android cousins - LOVE this application. Not only does it have the Find Phone feature, it has other fun things like being able to access your phone from any web browser. Do it now. Here. AirDroid is free. No excuses. 

iPhone people - head over here. iPhone 5 peeps, iCloud it here.

Blackberry stepchildren - it’s $2.99, but it’s worth it. I mean, you’ve remained dedicated to your Blackberry, don’t go losing it. Find the app here.

Since our phones all have GPS signals and as long you have the feature turned on (usually through an application depending on your phone type) and your phone has enough juice and signal strength, you can logon to any web browser and find your phone.  That's solid technology right there.

Cheers to all of you. If you lose your phone, may you find it quickly and swiftly because you turn on this feature! Go do it. It's a good use of ten minutes of your time.

P.S. I do NOT recommend anyone going off on their own to locate their stolen phone and car.