Last year I divorced cable television. What? Why? I started doing the math in my head.

$120/month is ~$1440/year ($120 bought me a half step above basic cable and included my Tivo subscription) 

If I kept cable television until I moved into my retirement home (~35 years from that enlightened moment) - without adjusting for inflation - that would total just above $50,000 in a lifetime?! NO way Jose!

I started watching my TV habits. All I did was flip through channels and wait for my Tivo to record things. So basically I was paying $120 a month for the privilege of being annoyed by commercials and allowing my Tivo to record the shows I liked? Really? Did I love TV that much? Couldn't the internet entertain me as much as TV when I was looking to not be a productive human being?!

So in a moment of total honesty with myself, I said buh-bye to cable and I haven't looked back. I have better things to do with my dollars.

I didn't give up my mindless joy completely though. Instead, I joined the Roku movement

My steps:

  • I cancelled the cable immediately since I was out of contract.
  • I upped my internet bandwidth.
  • I signed up for and ($7.99/mo each, total of $16/month) so I could stream shows.
  • I bought myself a Roku for $80.

I went from monthly fees of $120 (cable+tivo) to a one-time $80 purchase and $16/month. I also auto-programmed my television so I could have the free basic channels where I can watch the morning news and geek out on PBS. I didn't even need rabbit ears!

There are flaws with this choice,

  • CBS and Hulu are not friends so "The Good Wife" has to be watched on a computer. There are other shows not offered on Hulu or Netflix, but are offered via a computer web browser. For this reason, I sometimes think about getting a Google Chromebox to replace the Roku so I have Netflix, Hulu, and then some, including the ability to watch YouTube vids on the big screen.
  • Not a lot of live access to sports. But, well, I say that's what bars and my friends' couches are for. It's much more fun that way anyway.

Onwards. Happy entertainment streaming to you and you and you.

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