What they say

Lauren is the coach we recommend. She is a real pleasure to work with. Lauren has a mind for financial organization, and professionally guides her clients through the maze of do’s and don’ts.
— Donna Zanger, Founder of dbooks
At first, I thought her role was to set me up on QuickBooks, which she did, and make sure all transactions were coded correctly, which she also did. And what also transpired, in addition to her role as my business advisor, is a friendship. I have grown to trust Lauren completely and on many occasions have come to her for advice and guidance on much more than just money.
— Laura Pavlou, CEO of WWISH, Inc.
I’ve known and worked with Lauren—superhero worker and consultant that she is—for more than a decade. She’s a tenacious troubleshooter, a patient teacher, a hyper-competent technician, and a trustworthy advisor. Lauren is a marvel and a godsend to the organization in need.
— Steven LaFrance, President & CEO of Learning for Action
Besides her zeal for serving the world, what we love about Lauren is how much easier she makes our lives. Her wisdom instills confidence to overcome the mountain of challenges associated with building a unique vision. She’s a master at maximizing potential; perhaps more importantly, Lauren’s presence makes us feel like better human beings who want to do more good for others.
— Robert and Fernanda, Imagine Nation Brewing Company and Center for Community Transformation




My team and I provide financial management services for entrepreneurs, visionaries, and nimble businesses. Our process is holistic, taking into consideration personal financials as they relate to the business, future needs, cost, business stage, type of business, and culture.

We are virtual, we love money, we are practical, and we are fun. We believe when your money is in order, you can make sound, strategic decisions for you, your business, and your personal ife.

Below are examples of our work.

business advisor to entrepreneurs    |       As your personal advisor to entrepreneurs, I am a thought partner and consultant on all matters from personal financials to business management.

big picture money thinking     |     When you need senior-level thinking and analysis, we plug in to help guide you and your business through next steps or serve as an interim finance department.

bookkeeping     |     We take bookkeeping to a whole new level, working with you to create a system and process that is customized to your business. We teach and we create transparent processes so when you are ready to bring your financial management in-house, it is easily passed back to you.

special projects     |     As you and your business grow, your financial needs change. We have experience with financial management requirements at every life and business stage. Examples of work include:

  • implementing financial infrastructure,
  • assessing and auditing financial systems and practice,
  • liaising with professionals (lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, brokers, bankers),
  • rebuilding financial landscapes so we can do analysis and file taxes (sometimes they get missed!); and
  • setting up financial processes and systems to save time and sanity.


  • Quickbooks Online and Desktop
  • Xero




Meet a few folks from Lauren's community of extraordinary clients, friends, and partners. They are located across different time zones and are united by their capacity to take risks and lead with heart.




My work is not about efficiency or productivity. It’s about simplicity, balance, and space to feel and do whatever the hell you want. And kickass doing it.
— LL


I do not not have an MBA and I received her bachelor’s degree from a small liberal arts college where I majored in nothing tangentially-related to business or finance. I did, however, take a Lotus 1-2-3 class my junior year of high school that seems to have really paid off. And I'm a certified yoga teacher so I'm constantly telling myself to relax my forehead, shoulders, and to breathe. I am always attempting to pass that feeling on to her clients.

I do have more than fifteen years of street cred. I have directed every aspect of a business: finance, technology, information management, HR, facilities, general administration, and everything that falls through the cracks. My titles have varied from clerk to chief.

I have been with startups, worked internationally, consulted for the social sector, built back offices from scratch, reverse engineered many processes, and facilitated the private sale of a company so it could become employee-owned. I have managed multi-million dollar budgets, sometimes in different currencies.

All those years taught me that bigger is not necessarily better, in dollar amounts or overall satisfaction. In recent years, I've applied my business acumen to people who love what they do. I have not looked back. I am also on a serious mission to divert the world's obsession with efficiency and productivity to sweet, heart-centered things like simplicity and balance.

I have created endless space in my life to have fun, be real, make mistakes, and enjoy the ride. I have a good number of failures and successes under my belt as a result. I with the same for everyone around me.
Fireball short stack
Technology wizardry
Gadgets are her jam
— LL Haiku by Jackie Koppenheffer, friend + client




What don’t you do?
External business development: sales, marketing, and branding. I do look at these areas during the assessment, specifically the operations and synchronicity of those areas. I have fabulous partners to which I may refer you if that is indeed what ya need. 

How did you learn everything you know?
A lot of really nice people trusted and invested in me. And I made a lot of mistakes that I had to fix myself.

Are you a life coach?
Nope. But I’ve got good peeps and resources.

Will I have to keep you forever?
Oh, you’ll outgrow me if we both do our jobs right. I’m an interim solution. And so long as I'm in business, I will always be a resource even after a contract. Building happy businesses and lives is in my blood.
What are the biggest mistakes you see out there?
Businesses focus so much on growing the top line that they forget to develop their insides. Internal infrastructure projects get mediocre treatment. The result is a lot of frustration, anxiety, and poor execution of services. Same thing in life. The external gets so much attention, the internal gets neglected. Development starts on the inside, people. Get your heart and money in order and then make decisions is what I say to everyone.

Who inspires you?
Oh geez. So many people. Aside from my mom and brilliant nieces, I think of women like Padmasree Warrior, Robin Roberts, Ursula Burns, Dr. Christiane Northrup. They are all blazing their own paths with so much heart. Don't know any of those ladies? Google them. Seriously.

Favorite adventure?
Living on an ashram in the Bahamas (waayyy before that Elizabeth Gilbert wrote "Eat, Pray, Love"). No mirrors for 60 days, a lot of sunshine, monks, and jumping on the ashram boat to go skinny dipping on deserted islands. It was bliss.

Favorite failure?
Buying a business and reneging on it. I lost a good chunk of money, as well as a budding friendship and mentor in the process. Major embarrassment and blow to the ego at the time. But my gut and savings account told me I shouldn’t move forward. I have no regrets looking back and I certainly wouldn’t have as much business sense as I do today had I not gone through that.

What’s with the bald head?
Alopecia Areata.