4.26.2017 - Short like me | Women are more honest about what? | Up-front investment v. annual investment 
4.19.2017 - Real talk about starting my own business | Money podcasts | The risks of being employed | America’s retirement problem | The best month to buy tires
4.12.2017 - That time I used a cash advance on my credit card to do WHAT?! | Adventures with medical costs | My Olympic obsession continues | The saga of the Consumer Protection Agency | Toilet plume and tipping etiquette
3.29.2017 - Tween money wisdom | Financial sense and the boy-girl divide | Toilet seat covers + Tattoos | This is about you, not me
3.22.2017 - Buh-bye Budgets | The best gift my parents gave us kids | To be considered before you scoff at the rise in interest rates | Interviewing financial advisors in Cheeto-flavored times | The truth about pillows
3.15.2017 - Avoid the bad juju | How old will I be in 10 years? | Daylight savings is bunk | Favorite money organizing tools
3.8.2017 - No typos in this subject header, don't worry | I bought how much UA stock, and it's worth what today? | Sheconomista confessional from yours truly | News, simplified | My Olympic obsession
3.1.2017 - Pennies cost how much to produce?! | Get your adulting on with this service | Grow your financial know with these terms 
2.22.2017- Steps to become an investor TODAY + raffle winners + the inaugural sheconomista money confessional
2.15.2017 - The soap opera that is the financial news + my immigration ig'nance + next week's book raffle!
2.8.2017 - Real talk about my political proclivities + fab five money action tips
2.1.2017 - A grown-up tip to keep you adulting + five money action-takeaways from this week's news cycle
1.20.2017 - Free books, awesome brands to support, and a new direction for LL
1.14.2017 - Remove your personal data from this site stat and happy new year!


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